The last of the series. Enjoy.


On music: it’s amazing how often you can get away with judging the album by the cover.


The best philosophers are also the best poets.


The best propaganda is never completely false — it’s half-true.


What makes social progressives so dangerous is their moral certainty. Contrary to the “postmodern Neo…

I haven’t read Beyond Good & Evil in a while now — but one of the classically polemical sections was “Peoples and Countries”, and this was where one of Nietzsche’s most powerful prophecies on Europe’s imminent World Wars came about.

I thought it would be fun to publish my own…


Enjoy the decline.


Go outside. Get some sun.


Why is there something rather than nothing?

“Nothing”, as postulated in this question, is the equivalent of a straight line, a comma, “0”. It is a construct that does not exist independently of the human mind. To ask “why is there something…

It was Nietzsche’s birthday this past week, and in honour of the man who introduced me to the art of the aphorism, I thought I should go ahead and publish some of my own.


Behind every insult lies a concealed endorsement of eugenics. This is ESPECIALLY the case when those…


I’ve got a couple of things on my mind. I’d just like to jot them down.

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