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The 20th century marks a unique point in our consciousness as it is the first period where we in mass began to seriously contemplate the possibility that we may not be alone in the universe. From SETI, to Voyager I, to goofy Area 51 conspiracies and claims of seeing flying saucers — as well as countless related books, films, and tv shows — it’s undeniable that this mystery sincerely captivated millions among both the general public and scientific experts.

Whilst our imagination of “aliens” can prompt some cartoonish imagery of green or blue figures with squeaky robotic voices and bug-like…

I haven’t read Beyond Good & Evil in a while now — but one of the classically polemical sections was “Peoples and Countries”, and this was where one of Nietzsche’s most powerful prophecies on Europe’s imminent World Wars came about.

I thought it would be fun to publish my own little follow up. I find so much racial discourse today absolutely boring and predictable…so why not address this the only way I know how?

Unlike Nietzsche, I won’t be too harsh on you Anglos if I poke you eventually. I have a bit of a soft spot for you and…


Enjoy the decline.


Go outside. Get some sun.


Why is there something rather than nothing?

“Nothing”, as postulated in this question, is the equivalent of a straight line, a comma, “0”. It is a construct that does not exist independently of the human mind. To ask “why is there something rather than nothing?” presupposes that there could be nothing at all — a drastic assumption considering that the very fact that we are in “something” MEANS we cannot point to anything outside of our minds that corresponds to “nothing”.

It is looking at phenomena that exists independently of the human…

It was Nietzsche’s birthday this past week, and in honour of the man who introduced me to the art of the aphorism, I thought I should go ahead and publish some of my own.


Behind every insult lies a concealed endorsement of eugenics. This is ESPECIALLY the case when those insulting otherwise go about their lives with a front of zealous egalitarianism. A lot of insults — perhaps most — basically come down to “eww you’ve got bad genes”.


My soul yearns for connection.


Build beautiful things.


What does it say about Christianity, that I’m only ever attracted to it…

This isn’t meant to be a typical “conservatism bad” thought-piece. On the contrary, some of my biggest influences have been social conservatives, and at their best, I have found wisdom and insight in certain conservative views, thoughts, and beliefs.

People like Roger Scruton come to mind, whose views on beauty and aesthetics left quite an impression on me. When I was younger I found Patrick Buchanan very interesting as well — he was basically what you’d get if Donald Trump wasn’t a moron. His views on foreign policy were mostly practically indistinguishable from Noam Chomsky’s — which put him at…


I’ve got a couple of things on my mind. I’d just like to jot them down.

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